A few weeks ago, I took you to Boseong. Now, let's go more southern, to Gangjin.



The food (young bamboos sticks, lotus roots marinated in yuzu oil, grilled meat, raw beef with sesame oil, fresh fish...), and the drinks (tea — what else?) taste even better in celadon. Did you know that the word itself "celadon" comes from the French "céladon"? Céladon was a character of a 17th-century French novel. He was wearing blue-grey clothes and it gave its name to the porcelain.


Strange creatures inhabit the beautiful landscapes of Gangjin bay. Mudskippers — walking fish — run free next to crabs in the mangrove. You may see males showing off their wing to impress females and visitors.



Don't forget to sneak into the secret garden in Baekwun-Dong before it becomes too famous and enjoy the company of the tree carps inside the ponds, in-between traditional buildings and old trees.